Did you know that music education speeds the development of speech and reading skills, trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods and helps them develop empathy and emotional intelligence?

For adults, scientific studies have proven that the study of music delays the onset of dementia and other cognitive aging. Music is a stress-free way to integrate physical activity, language learning and coordination skills.

The use of new technologies in neuroscience over the last decade has given researchers a better understanding of exactly what happens inside the brain when it processes music, and how this activity contributes to better learning and functioning. The Royal Conservatory of Music has published a summary of the recent research in neuroscience proving that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social and creative potential.

Click here to download the Benefits of Music Education.

Music books

Music books are available from the Studio, because it is often easier to have the books needed right away rather than sending you out to collect them! We pass them along to you at our cost with no mark-up. Please check your student’s notebook often for the cost of new books sent home.

Used books are occasionally available at half the original price. Your gently used books, once erased, may be traded in for music book credit, with the exception of theory & workbooks that we write in extensively.

There is a great selection of entertainment music books available at the Studio, but you can always get your own from:

RCM examinations

Since 2010, Debbie has proudly been the Royal Conservatory of Music’s official representative in the Comox Valley. Both Theory and Practical (Piano/Recorder) examinations are available through the Royal Conservatory of Music, which sends examiners to us each year. Examinations are recognized throughout the Commonwealth countries, and these make excellent goals to work toward in your lessons.

Intermediate (6-8) and senior (9-10-ARCT) levels will give you high school credit under the Fine Arts, Private Study Program, and senior levels are also recognized as prerequisites at colleges and universities. Tuition for senior levels (9-ARCT) qualifies for RESPs and education tax credits. We will discuss exams as we get close to them.

At All Keyed Up, we choose to use Conservatory books and lists, as they are excellent collections of music for the levels we teach – in addition to offering you the option of qualifying you for the exams.

Suitable Instruments

Daily access to a tuned piano or a keyboard with weighted keys, in good working order, makes a big difference when you are taking piano lessons!

For all students, a quality instrument improves the experience dramatically for the whole family.

Piano Technicians, Tuners & Movers

It’s important that your piano be in good repair and properly tuned. All the practicing you do will be little help if your instrument doesn’t sound right. A piano should be tuned about once a year, which costs about $200. Please don’t try to move a piano by yourself! Use an insured mover, like Sommers, with all the right equipment.

Local technicians* & tuners are:

Steve Ruskin*              250-871-0554

Jordie Robinson*         250-339-2713

James Lithgow*          250-703-1348

Sommers Piano Tuning (& AAA Piano Movers)          1-888-428-8448

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